The World: On fire

Typical Day in the office: Chaos. Stress. Unheard voices. Hurt feelings. Insufficient resources. Unrealistic Deadlines. Uncooperative colleagues. Demanding boss. Desperation. Anxiety. Hopelessness.


Me: Hey, would you like to talk about your emotions?


Well, would you? Lol! For most of us, chances are that’s the LAST thing we want to talk about and the biggest and most powerful thing going on at any given time.


Our emotions take over when we experience change, uncertainty, conflict, a weird look, or a tough conversation. They are swift, powerful, contagious, and universal. We all feel them.


Most of us have not been educated on how to appropriately express our emotions. We may have been taught to suck it up, to keep it inside. Like Elsa in the movie Frozen was taught “conceal, don’t feel.” I was even told in the past to stop crying “before I give you something to cry about!” 


So we made up the belief that it’s not safe to express our emotions. What we do instead is armor up and protect ourselves. We practice putting on our protective masks of perfectionism, intellectualizing, being superficial, being busy, numbing out, defending ourselves, and complaining to name a few. 


We don’t want to let anyone see who we really are. In doing so we think we can protect ourselves from the things that hurt us the most: judgment, criticism, fear, blame, ridicule.


Love and belonging are irreducible needs of every man, woman, and child. In the absence of that, there is only suffering. When we armor up, we think we can protect ourselves from being lovable and acceptable, and worthy of connection. The armor represents our ineffective strategies for communicating. We use armor because we don’t know how to share our fears, feelings, and needs. We’re afraid that we won’t be understood.


But we are emotional beings. When we move through the world with our armor on with our partners, our children, our family, our friends, in classrooms, with those we work for and those who work for us, there are tremendous casualties. Not to mention it is emotionally and physically exhausting and lonely. In light of the state of the world these last almost 24 months, it’s no wonder stress and anxiety rates are skyrocketing.


A powerful tool to have is Emotional Connection (EmC). EmC is different from traditional emotional intelligence training programs, communication procedures, or conflict resolution strategies. It is a scientifically proven and systematic approach based on the attachment-theory principles and neuroscience of behavior.


With EmC, you will experience improved emotional connections and enhance the day-to-day work environment and team dynamics. Through greater authenticity and shared vulnerability, the program lays the foundation for richer conversations among team members. And that opens up creativity, productivity, empathy, and connection.


Imagine having the ability to achieve emotional balance not only within the individual but within the organization’s capabilities in dealing with uncertainty and volatility. Imagine wielding a tool like that. 


What difference can a tool like that make in your life, for your team and in your organization if you had it today?


Let us help you access and use it.


With care and respect,

Rhema and the EmC Team


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