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Transformed Our Leadership Team

The EmC Leaders program transformed our leadership team and brought honesty and transparency into every conversation. We were able to build trust and become the high-performing team that we all wanted to be.

-Wayne Ward, Executive Vice President
California Bank and Trust

Build Trust and Lead Change

I now have the skills and confidence to reconnect when a conflict arises, build trust to lead change, and coach others to do the same. This is a life-changing experience that will impact all areas of my life.

-Katherine Cianci
Talent Manager at Blue Shield of CA

Navigating Through Emotions

With EmC, we speak the same language and terminology, so navigating through emotions becomes much more enjoyable. EmC Leaders has helped us to be more cohesive and collaborative, leading to better outcomes.

-Fay Christodoulou, CSO

The ROI on this Training is Exponential

The ROI on this training is exponential! All of the people we interact with – bosses, peers, direct reports, clients, and family members – experience EmC benefits from the individual who engages in this process.

-Irakli (Rocky) Bandzeladze

We Have Become More Collaborative and Connected

As a leader, EmC helped me to bring a framework in order to create a greater understanding between our team members about each other’s strengths, beliefs, and perspectives. As a result, we have become even more effective, collaborative, and connected.

-Dawn Reese
The Wooden Floor

EmC Makes a Difference

I took the EmC training and immediately had an opportunity to utilize it with a Leadership Team. I encourage anyone interested in improving personal or workplace relationships to take this training. It will truly make a difference!

-Lois Carson
Executive Coach

Extraordinary Learning

Dr. Gershfeld’s extraordinary presentation was captured in the standing ovation she received from the healthcare participants at our Annual Creative Health Care Management Facilitator’s Gathering.  This was our first in-person gathering since the onset of the pandemic.  Our focus was on the power of human connection, healing, and belonging.  Dr. Gershfeld’s beautiful work on emotional connection and her practical tools for bringing it to life were absolutely on target for the needs of the group.  Not only does Dr. Gershfeld bring theory and application to life with incredible clarity, but she lives and models the love and compassion she teaches.  Participants felt held and inspired with new hope and a renewed commitment to caring for their healthcare colleagues.

-Mary Koloroutis, MSN, RN
Creative Health Care Management

Building Solid and Trustworthy Connections

An introspective journey towards building solid and trustworthy connections. Specific results that I saw were better teamwork on the medical devices, being able to increase revenue collectively, allowing others to take the lead, and being able to learn from others as well in their abilities and skills, and how we can communicate more effectively. EmC allowed me to understand to walk in other people’s shoes more than anything, and it has given me the foundation to be able to be a better leader. This is a tool for creating organizational behavior at its best.

-Alejandro Tocigl
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