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Taking Care of Teams You Care About with Dr. Lola Gershfeld

31. The Foundation of the EmC Process – Dedication to Dr. Sue Johnson

Episode 31 of The Leader in You is live. This episode of The Leader in You Podcast is dedicated to the foundation of the EmC process and Dr. Sue Johnson’s work. Sue is the author of Hold Me Tight and Love Sense. She is also the developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. Dr. Lola […]

30. Emotional Connection in Leadership: Unlocking Potential and Fostering Innovation

In this episode, Emotional Connection in Leadership: Unlocking Potential and Fostering Innovation, we celebrate the third anniversary of our book, Emotional Connection: The EmC Strategy. Co-authors Dr. Lola Gershfeld and Ramin Sedehi discuss the profound role emotional connection plays in effective leadership. From the service-oriented essence of leadership to the pivotal role of vulnerability, this […]

29. Avoiding the Negative Cycle on a Nonprofit Team

In this insightful podcast episode, Jenna Wohlwend and Lola Gershfeld are joined by Haley Cooper, CEO of Savvy Fundraiser, to explore the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. Through engaging in conversation, they delve into the importance of emotional connection, effective communication, and conflict resolution within nonprofit teams. Tune into the episode to learn the transformative power […]

28. Intensive team sessions.

This episode of The Leader in You Podcast discusses the benefits of intensive team sessions to improve productivity and trust.  Dr. Gershfeld explains that when toxicity or finger-pointing occurs, addressing the underlying relationship disconnect is key to repairing those relationships and changing negative patterns that the company may be stuck in.

27.Not Feeling Great at Work? Understanding Emotions and Relationships.

In this podcast episode 27, titled “Not Feeling Great at Work? Understanding Emotions and Relationships,” Jenna and Lola went deep into exploring the profound impact of emotions and relationships on individuals’ well-being and productivity in the workplace. They discussed why some people may not feel great at work, touching on feelings of unappreciation, rejection, undervaluation, […]

26. Am I Being Childish?

In this episode of the “Leader in You” podcast, Jenna and Lola explore the impact of childhood behaviors in the workplace and challenge the notion that emotions should be suppressed in a professional setting.  They discuss the importance of understanding and embracing emotions, shedding light on the negative effects of demeaning comments and the need […]

25. How to Navigate Trauma in the Workplace.

During Episode 25 of the Leader in You Podcast, Jenna and Lola dove into the hard yet relevant discussion of trauma and how we process it in life and in the workplace.  They talked in depth about how we navigate this territory both personally, biologically, and at work and what companies and leaders can do […]

24. Feeling Angry at Work? How to Use Attachment Theory to Build Trust and Combat Toxic Work Environments

This episode of The Leader in You Podcast discusses success and failure in the workplace. Lola and Jenna talk about attachment theory and how having secure relationships with managers and coworkers allows employees to feel supported and thrive in their roles. On the other hand, insecure relationships can lead to feelings of failure or anger […]

23. Becoming A Better Coach or Mentor by Understanding Attachment & Emotional Connection

This episode of The Leader in You Podcast discusses the importance of emotional connection not just in the workplace, but in the coaching space. You can become a better coach or mentor by understanding the concepts of attachment and emotional connection.

22. Are Surface Emotions Really Representative of a Person’s Personality?

This episode of The Leader in You Podcast discusses emotions in the workplace. Dr. Lola explains that emotions drive our interactions and connections with others.

21. New Job? New Boss? Why Millenials Experience Fear in The Workplace And How We Can Handle That Better

In this episode of The Leader in You Podcast, Lola and Nadia explore millennials’ workplace fears, emphasizing trust, emotional connection, and vulnerability for a more productive team.

20. 5 Things That Sabotage Team Productivity

Learn about team relationships, success strategies, and the impact of emotional connection on team performance.

19. 5 Quick Wins To Better Bond Your Team

Learn to center emotions, build bonds, and enhance teamwork. Episode insights: emotion space, impact, safe conversations, validation, check-ins. Elevate your team with “The Leader in You” podcast.

18. The Role of Emotions in Employee Engagement

Discover insights into positive interactions, recognizing triggers, effective communication, and more. Your source for thriving workplace culture.

17. How To Improve Team Dynamics

Dive into the role of emotional connections in leadership. Explore team dynamics, relationships, and positive workplace culture through valuable insights for better leadership and team bonding.

16. Avoid Workplace Conflict by Centering on Emotions

Workplace conflicts are inevitable. With all different mindsets coming together, it is important to remember what bonds us: emotions.  Join us in our discussion on the importance of working with emotions to resolve workplace conflicts. 

15. Types of Negative Interactions and How to Shift Workplace Conflicts

In the podcast, we discuss the emergence of automatic thoughts and protective behaviors that trigger the negative cycle and the steps you can take to change the pattern for better and more cohesive interactions. 

14. Having The Same Repetitive Conflicts at Work? Create a Positive Shift in Your Interactions

Join us for our podcast, Dr. Lola Gershfeld, Nadia Garcia, and special guest Polina Marian, to learn how to avoid negativity and create more positive interactions with your team. 

13. Why EmC is Key to Creating Healthy Team Dynamics and a Positive Culture

Listen to this podcast to learn how you can create a healthy culture in your team and organization.

12. Trust Issues at the Workplace? What We Can Do to Increase Trustworthy Behaviors at Work

What can we do to engage our employees more? How can we build more trust? In this podcast, Nadia and Lola discuss the neuroscience behind trust and how to increase trustworthy behaviors at work.

11. The Importance of Emotional Connection Within an Organization to Boost Performance

In this podcast, Haley interviews Dr. Lola about how the Emotional Connection Process or EmC can help non-profit boards to be more effective in working together.

10. Talent Retention Starts with Emotional Connection

Listen to this podcast to get some insight into how emotional connection can help you with talent retention.

9. Building a Connected Organizational Culture with Alejandro Tocigl, CEO of Miroculus

In this interview, Ramin Sedehi, CSA of EmC Leaders, and Alejandro Tocigl, Co-founder and CEO of Miroculus, share how the Emotional Connection strategy (EmC) has transformed the organizational culture at Miroculus.

8. A Roadmap to Transformation And Fulfillment with Rocky Bandzeladze

In this podcast, Rocky Bandzeladze shares how using the EmC strategy has created a multidimensional shift for him, providing a roadmap of transformation and fulfillment in his style while helping his people meet their business objectives.

7. Putting People First, Emotional Connection as your Talent Management Strategy

In this podcast, we focus on the critical shortage of talent and the importance of creating and fostering human-centered organizations. 

6.About the Book: Emotional Connection, The EmC Strategy

Dr. Lola Gershfeld’s book, “Emotional Connection, The EmC Strategy,” delves into leadership guided by emotional connection. Rooted in attachment theory, it empowers effective leadership, resilient teams, and thriving cultures. End-of-chapter summaries and reflection questions enhance understanding.

5. Organizational Development and Cultural Transformation with Dawn Reese, CEO of The Wooden Floor

Exciting discussion on Organizational Development’s impact on cultural transformation. Focus on trust, curiosity, and resilience, led by guest Dawn Reese, experienced CEO from corporate to non-profit sectors.

4. How to Let Your Inner Leader Emerge

Listen to this special podcast as we explore the leadership journey of our invited guests, Louis Simmons “Chip” and Lola Gershfeld, and understand how they have been able to put their passion into action to make a difference on issues that matter to them the most.

3. Psychological Safety: What is it and how can you develop it in your organization?

Psychological safety fosters trust, open communication, and connection, which are all vital in leadership, management, strategy, and entrepreneurship. It’s a supportive space where ideas flow. Emotionally safe environments enhance wellness. Individuals drive it by empathy, listening, and respect. Address breaches with swift action learning.

2. Fear of Failure

Dr. Lola Gershfeld and Dr. Kerri Cissna share their journeys, highlighting courage, passion, and resilience amidst failures. Gain insights on conquering this hurdle.

1. Emotional Connection: Why It Matters

Welcome to our podcast where we talk about how emotional connection can empower you at work and in life.
In this episode, we explore the importance of emotional connection and why it matters.

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