Emotional Connection

Emotional Connection, written by the founder of EmC Leaders, Lola Gershfeld and colleague Ramin Sedehi, helps leaders unlock human potential, build resilient teams, and nurture thriving cultures.
This book is written for:
Team Leaders
HR Professionals

The best work of your people relies on strong emotional connection.

It may feel odd to think about relationships and connection in the workplace. Still, the world's most forward-thinking leaders recognize that an investment in team engagement is an investment in their company's longevity. But how?
Emotional Connection offers a proven and systemic roadmap that, when consistently practiced over time, leads to a more harmonious workplace, boosted creativity, fresh innovation, and unprecedented results.

But why do healthy workplace relationships matter so much?

EmC has intervened in over 1,000 cases, helping teams:
invigorate creativity, innovation, and collaboration • boost engagement • enhance trust and authenticity • create thriving cultures
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