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Attachment science shows that connection with responsive team members
is a powerful buffer against threat and danger. When we change our team relationships, we change our culture – and change our world.

We hope that these resources will help you along your journey to learn to shape and repair your most important team relationships. Sign up for our mailing list to get updated with new downloads.
1.01 – 5 Quick Wins to Better Bond Your Team
Type: PDF Size: 5 MB
1.02 – EmC Leaders Training Catalog
Type: PDF Size: 11 MB
1.03 – EmC Training Price List
Type: PDF Size: 2 MB
1.04 – Productivity Recovery Equation
Type: PDF Size: 8 MB
1.05 – Workplace Conflicts Sources and Costs Infographics
Type: PDF Size: 9 MB
1.06 – The EmC Model Infographic
Type: PDF Size: 1 MB
1.07 – The Sources and Costs of Workplace Conflicts Slides
Type: PDF Size: 40 MB
1.08 – Core Competencies Circle of Emotional Intelligence through Emotional Connection
Type: IMAGE Size: 2 MB
Type: PDF Size: 73 KB
2.01 – List of Emotions
Type: PDF Size: 73 KB
2.02 – Raw Spots and Emotions
Type: PDF Size: 493 KB
2.03 – Working with Emotions Exercise
Type: PDF Size: 73 KB
2.04 – 3 Ways to Increase Connection and Community
Type: PDF Size: 504 KB
2.05 – Three Phrases We Can Say
Type: PDF Size: 487 KB
2.06 – EmC Core Values and Commitment
Type: PDF Size: 4 MB
2.07 – Tom and Brandon Case Study
Type: PDF Size: 12 MB
2.08 – The A.R.E. Tool – Folded
Type: PDF Size: 3 MB
2.09 The 3 Stages
Type: PDF Size: 812 KB
3.01 – Healthy Teams
Type: IMAGE Size: 1 MB
3.02 – The Slow Motion Camera Dialogue
Type: IMAGE Size: 1 MB
3.03 – Remember These Parts in Tough Moments
Type: IMAGE Size: 1 MB
3.04 – What Your Team Needs
Type: IMAGE Size: 787 KB
3.05 – Impact vs. Feedback
Type: IMAGE Size: 929 KB
3.06 – Things To Remember During Conflict
Type: IMAGE Size: 1 MB
3.07 – Integrate This In Your Weekly Check-Ins
Type: IMAGE Size: 1 MB
3.08 – Tips to Comfort Your Distressed Teammate
Type: IMAGE Size: 846 KB
3.09 – Tips for Moving Forward Together
Type: IMAGE Size: 2 MB
3.10 – Emotion is the Music in the Dance of Connection
Type: IMAGE Size: 1 MB
3.11 Five Attachment Tenets to Improve Your Communication
Type: PDF Size: 129 KB
3.12 Employee Engagement Infographics
Type: PDF Size: 258 KB
4.01 – White Paper – Enhancing Emotional Connection: A Path to Employee Engagement, Conflict Resolution, and Retention
Type: PDF Size: 3 MB
4.02 Leaders as Attachment Figures: Leaders’ Attachment Orientations Predict Leadership-Related Mental Representations and Followers’ Performance and Mental Health
Type: PDF Size: 128 KB
4.03 Attachment at Work
Type: PDF Size: 919 KB
4.04 Attachment Theory and Reactions to Others’ Needs: Evidence That Activation of the Sense of Attachment Security Promotes Empathic Responses
Type: PDF Size: 2 MB
4.05 CPP Global Human Capital_Report Workplace Conflict
Type: PDF Size: 6 MB
4.06 Together, Everyone Achieves More TD Article
Type: PDF Size: 3 MB
4.07 Leadership and Community: 3 Strategies for Building Bonds
Type: PDF Size: 236 KB
5.01 Team Insights: Enhance Culture And Increase Retention Through Relationship Development
Type: PDF Size: 3 MB
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