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We help companies master the art of relationships so they can spend less time managing “people issues” and more time accomplishing their most important work.


Most employee engagement programs just don't stick.

After training is complete, business goes back to usual, as if nothing happened. The truth is, the content in those trainings may have been fine, but key ingredients were likely missing.
  • Were the people who needed the training in the room?

  • Was there a clear path to execute what was learned?

  • What happens when people go back to their jobs?

A better way to bond.

At EmC Leaders, we’ve proven that it’s through a sustained experiential process that all members of a team can fully engage.

With practice, your team can master the art of relationships.

As humans, we are social creatures who rely on relationships to calm our nervous systems. Once at ease, we can safely express ideas, take risks, and show up as our most authentic selves without worrying if we will be rejected or abandoned.

In other words, relationships are powerful! We harness that power to help leaders encourage the best in their teams (and themselves).
EmC has intervened in over 1,000 cases, helping teams:
invigorate creativity, innovation, and collaboration • boost engagement • enhance trust and authenticity • create thriving cultures

EmC Strategy is a step-by-step roadmap to build and strengthen workplace relationships.

The process starts
with awareness.

Before we can do, we must understand. So, our process starts with educational training that demonstrates the scientifically proven value of emotion and vulnerability in sustaining positive relationships.

Then, we incorporate
experiential learning.

Once participants have a shared language and understanding, we invite all to engage in activities that showcase the power of workplace-appropriate vulnerability.

And finally, roll out
a path for integration.

With diligent practice and ongoing support from the EmC Leaders team, it becomes second nature to consider how policies, procedures, and everyday interactions impact relationships.

Operate with emotional sophistication
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Thank you so much for your presentation today. Your message was inspiring for our wonderful facilitators. You gave them tools to use not only at work but in life as well! I appreciate what you do and your passion for connections and relationships!!

- Tina Martin
at Creative Health Care Management

Thank you for creating and sharing the EMC process, Lola. Your generosity is a gift and is making a significant impact!

- Marty Chiu
at Wealth In Family

The impact of the EmC sessions has been extraordinary! It has helped my team and me grow and have a much stronger relationship. Thank you.

- Elena Minones-Moyano
at Synthego

EmC Leaders transformed our culture by the way we interact with each other. The EmC process allowed us to grow our capacity to be vulnerable in all aspects and not worry about what we have to say and how to say it.

- Mais Jebrail
at Miroculus

The EmC Leaders program transformed our leadership team and brought honesty and transparency into every conversation. We were able to build trust and become the high-performing team that we all wanted to be.

- Wayne Ward, Executive Vice President
at California Bank and Trust

I now have the skills and confidence to reconnect when a conflict arises, build trust to lead change, and coach others to do the same. This is a life-changing experience that will impact all areas of my life.

- Katherine Cianci
at Talent Manager at Blue Shield of CA

Our Services

From ready-to-roll programs that teach how to deal with everyday workplace interactions to customizable programs designed to transform entire companies, you can select an offering that meets your immediate needs and long-term goals.

Training for Individuals

Whether you're eager to boost your effectiveness, communication skills, engagement in the workplace, or overall well-being, explore our Mastering Emotional Connection course for individuals. In the course, you will learn to:

  • Expand your emotional intelligence

  • Secure your role in team dynamics

  • Contribute to conflict resolution & workplace culture

  • Maximize leadership development opportunities

Programs for Teams

The key to better bonding your team is to build strong and nurturing relationships. Learn how you can harness emotional connection for stronger performance, more accountability, and greater consistency so that productivity can begin to soar. In our highly-interactive programs, your team will learn to:

  • Expand your emotional intelligence

  • Secure your role in team dynamics

  • Contribute to conflict resolution & workplace culture

  • Adopt strategies that help them develop as leaders

Solutions for Companies

Most leaders long for a roadmap to know precisely how to encourage the best work from their employees. Our custom, company-wide initiatives do that and more. Beyond having a clear path forward, we'll walk with you and your team as you embrace the practice of emotional connection. With it, they will:

  • Build resilience

  • Become more confident, and

  • Tap into deeper creativity that propels your company forward.

However we work together,
it's important you know...

  • No one gets a hall pass

    We insist on whole-team involvement because, frankly, it's the only way we can ensure the people who need awareness and direction are in the room. This is necessary for true, trusted, and safe connection to occur--company-wide
  • Nothing is guesswork.

    Everything we do is rooted in five decades of scientific research, proven by hundreds of case studies, and facilitated by pioneers in the field of workplace connection.
  • Transformation is unavoidable.

    With clear expectations and a willingness to practice, positive change is inevitable. Pettiness decreases, appreciation skyrockets, and a compassionate, highly productive workforce paves the way of incredible growth.
We can't wait to learn more about your team!

"It’s transformed our culture..."

Studies have shown that when people don’t know how to connect emotionally, they can’t collaborate, communicate, and solve complex problems effectively.

Knowing this, Miroculus, a leading, San Francisco-based biotech company, sought out EmC’s support to help cultivate and nurture a community of emotionally connected leaders.

You can take control of the intangible, too.

“People stuff” is often the hardest thing for leaders to navigate. At EmC Leaders, we aim to make the intangible
tangible so you can build and nurture an environment that positions your company to do its most important work.
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