Transform your team into an unstoppable force.

Comprehensive team dynamics training for leaders who want to bury conflict and bring out the best in their people.

If team dynamics are on your mind...

You probably fall into one of two camps as a team leader; either:
  • Your team is in trouble--apathy or conflict has taken over.

  • Your team is flourishing--you want to lead them to the next level.

Perhaps you see fluctuations of both. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, know you're not alone. Leading a team may be the most intricate work you'll ever do.

May we offer you a secret weapon?

The crux of your team's potential lies in the health of their relationships.

Connection in the
workplace is critical.

The strength of your team's relationships directly impacts their satisfaction and performance. Why? Because humans are wired to seek emotional security, and when we feel safe, we are more likely to take risks, share innovative ideas, and collaborate effectively.
When people feel unsafe, on the other hand, the opposite can be true. By nature, we first isolate, then we may complain, blame, and stonewall. Eventually, we may get more aggressive and threatening, and before long, positive team dynamics can disintegrate into full-blown toxicity.

Rooted in five decades of scientific research, proven by hundreds of case studies, and facilitated by pioneers in the field of workplace connection, you can expect our work together to:

invigorate creativity & collaboration • enhance trust & authenticity • create thriving cultures

How we help

At EmC Leaders, we'll help you assess the true health of your team, then roll out a customized, relationship-focused plan that boosts employee satisfaction & productivity. Your plan may include.

Team Training
& Retreats

De-escalate & repair injured relationships, and learn to stay connected.
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Effectively facilitate difficult conversations and avoid conflict.
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Team Leader

Regain balance, make steady decisions, and be emotionally accessible.
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We have a deep toolkit of resources that can be modified for any need.
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The EmC Leaders program transformed our leadership team and brought honesty and transparency into every conversation. We were able to build trust and become the high-performing team that we all wanted to be.

- Wayne Ward, Executive Vice President
at California Bank and Trust

I now have the skills and confidence to reconnect when a conflict arises, build trust to lead change, and coach others to do the same. This is a life-changing experience that will impact all areas of my life.

- Katherine Cianci
at Talent Manager at Blue Shield of CA

With EmC, we speak the same language and terminology, so navigating through emotions becomes much more enjoyable. EmC Leaders has helped us to be more cohesive and collaborative, leading to better outcomes.

- Fay Christodoulou, CSO
at Miroculus

The ROI on this training is exponential! All of the people we interact with – bosses, peers, direct reports, clients, and family members – experience EmC benefits from the individual who engages in this process.

- Irakli (Rocky) Bandzeladze
at Banking

As a leader, EmC helped me to bring a framework in order to create a greater understanding between our team members about each other’s strengths, beliefs, and perspectives. As a result, we have become even more effective, collaborative, and connected.

- Dawn Reese
at The Wooden Floor

I took the EmC training and immediately had an opportunity to utilize it with a Leadership Team. I encourage anyone interested in improving personal or workplace relationships to take this training. It will truly make a difference!

- Lois Carson
at Executive Coach

What to expect.

Every partnership is unique, but many unfold like this:

The process starts
with training.

Before we can do, we must understand. So, our process often begins with an immersive, four-hour team training in the art of emotional connection. (If a half-day is too much to spare, we can break the training down into segments.)

Then, we incorporate
experiential learning.

Once participants have a shared language and understanding, we invite all to engage in activities that showcase the power of workplace-appropriate vulnerability.

And, stay with you
until transformation sticks.

With clear expectations and a commitment to continued growth through customized group sessions, retreats, or skill development opportunities, positive change is inevitable. Pettiness decreases, appreciation skyrockets, and a compassionate, highly productive workforce paves the way for incredible growth.

Let's talk about your goals.

In our Productivity Recovery Assessment, you’ll speak with Lola, founder of EmC Leaders and creator of
the EmC Strategy, so you can get direct information about our work and transparent answers to
your questions in our meeting. She’ll be assessing if your team is ready for our programs, too.

"It’s transformed our culture..."

Studies have shown that when people don’t know how to connect emotionally, they can’t collaborate, communicate, and solve complex problems effectively.

Knowing this, Miroculus, a leading, San Francisco-based biotech company, sought out EmC’s support to help cultivate and nurture a community of emotionally connected leaders.

Don't underestimate the
power of the intangible.

When you invest in employee connection, you can trade:
  • Your drained inspiration for creative innovation

  • Miscommunication for in-tune collaboration

  • Unproductive meetings for getting things done

  • Gossip for encouragement

  • Hostile for happy

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