Sales vs Engineering and Other Interdepartmental Conflicts

Sales vs Engineering and Other Interdepartmental Conflicts

As you probably know, challenges between sales and engineering teams are real. If not managed well, this can derail progress. These relationships can be fraught with frequent conflicts and disconnections.

At the heart of the conflict, each side needs to share their emotions in a safe and constructive manner. They need to reaffirm their attachment to each other and their common goal of helping the company succeed.

Even if you’re not a salesperson or engineer, you know how stressful workplace conflict can be. The next time you experience conflict with a colleague, try using these five sentences. They can help change dynamics and begin a constructive conversation toward reconnection:

  1. It’s clear we all care about our company’s success.
  2. Let’s discuss these concerns together – all of them are important.
  3. Everyone plays an important role in our overall success.
  4. Let’s listen to each other and find a way to resolve this together.
  5. It takes a lot of courage for us to share our concerns.

These statements encourage open and honest conversation. They use emotional connection to build inclusive responses and repair relationships. When everyone feels heard and valued, people are better aligned and poised for success.

Lola and EmC Team

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