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In an hour, learn how employee engagement, workplace conflict, and team dynamics are impacting your team’s productivity + what to do about the findings.
the productivity recovery assessment is for:
Team Leaders
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Decreased productivity is expensive.

You may sense that productivity is down, and you may even recognize that an off-balanced culture is the culprit. But there’s a massive gap between knowing you have a culture problem and knowing how to address it.
That’s why we created the Productivity Recovery Assessment. Through a process that works around your schedule, we’ll learn about your goals and identify employee engagement, workplace conflict, and team dynamic issues that could be standing in the way. Once we’ve completed our review, we’ll present a custom roadmap that shows you precisely what to do about our findings.

Why do we offer the assessment for free?

Your assessment will take a little of your time and a lot of ours. In other words, we could be charging top dollars for the service, but we choose not to. Here's why: You've probably already spent money on employee engagement programs that failed to produce results, and you may be skeptical about hiring another training company (as you should be!). We want to give you a taste of our process before you pay a dime for the training.

You might be wondering...

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The idea might feel a little "pie-in-the-sky" but the process is straightforward and effective.

Take a look!

Rooted in five decades of scientific research, proven by hundreds of case studies, and facilitated by pioneers in the field of workplace connection, you can expect our work together to:

invigorate creativity & collaboration • enhance trust & authenticity • create thriving cultures

Productivity Recovery Assessment

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