— EMC Podcasts —
by Dr. Lola Gershfeld

In this insightful podcast episode, Jenna Wohlwend and Lola Gershfeld are joined by Haley Cooper, CEO of Savvy Fundraiser, to explore the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. Through engaging in conversation, they delve into the importance of emotional connection, effective communication, and conflict resolution within nonprofit teams. Tune into the episode to learn the transformative power of building authentic relationships, fostering emotional connection, and prioritizing personal growth within nonprofit organizations.

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Taking Care of Teams You Care About with Dr. Lola Gershfeld

About Dr. Lola Gershfeld

Dr. Gershfeld is the original developer of the Emotional Connection process (EmC) and the author of two books, Emotional Connection and The Connected Culture. Her articles on emotional connection and leadership have appeared in notable publications, such as Forbes, The Corporate Board, and Industry Week.

The EmC process is now widely recognized and has been integrated into the curriculum of top universities and certification courses accredited by international organizations, such as ICF, HRCI, and SHRM.
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