Dr. Lola Gershfeld brings the EmC process to Washington, D.C.

(Irvine, CA — February 6, 2019) Today Dr. Lola Gershfeld, Board and Team Dynamics Specialist, and CEO of EmC Leaders announced she will bring  the EmC process to Washington, D.C. in an effort to give attendees of the ATD Conference a convenient way to obtain EmC certification while in the area. Mastering Emotional Connection (EmC) Level 1 and Train the Trainer Level 1 Certification.

Motivated by science, perfected by research and driven by results, EmC training covers step by step a 3-stage delineated process identified by Dr. Gershfeld, to transform a negative cycle of interaction into a positive one, where people can thrive. 

“Engaged people are an organization’s most valuable asset,” Dr. Gershfeld explains, “Salaries, benefits, and other employee-related costs are a great challenge. Conflict, absenteeism, work injuries, legal matters, and regulations have the potential to compound risk. The EmC process mitigates these risks and builds healthy relationships that sustain a positive culture and result in a greater return on investment.”

Creating positive dynamics plays a vital role in how well we fulfill our duties, make decisions, and overcome challenges together. We have a profound impact on each other by creating emotional connections that positively influence our actions, motivation, and performance.

Many leaders, board members, and business owners have experienced first-hand positive results by using the EmC process. Reviews thus far include statements such as, “We have become a stronger board,” “This is a breakthrough approach,” and “A masterpiece for organizations of all types,” continues to be shared with every EmC training. 

Learn more about our online EmC Master Course and experience the transformation today!

About EmC Leaders
Founded in 2010, EmC Leaders is a leading provider of connected leadership utilizing the process of Emotional Connection or EmC. The company also offers other EmC related services to improve organizational culture, team productivity, and create strong working relationships.

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